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Big Brother 8 – Evil Dick Uses POV to Save Danielle! Will Dick go Home?

Who says what happens in the Big Brother house stays in the Big Brother house? Let’s hope that’s not the case – for Dick’s sake, that is.

Evil Dick, who earned the nickname ‘evil’ because of his malicious behavior in the house, made Big Brother history last night when he used the POV (power of veto) to save his daughter, Danielle.

Before entering the Big Brother house, the father/daughter duo had not spoken in years. Their relationship had been torn apart by lack of communication – and Danielle’s distrust for her father still seems very apparent.

But that didn’t stop Dick from saving his daughter and practically sealing his own fate in the game. Dick caused such an uproar in the house last night that it’s hard to imagine any of the remaining contestants wanting to keep him in the game. Let’s hope Danielle remembers his sacrifice when they’re outside of the house, because his daughter’s faith in him is the only thing he’s going to earn with that move.

Dick provoked his fellow players in other ways, too. Not only did Dick accuse Eric of lying (which is kind of true), but he also attacked Jameka’s religious beliefs and discredited Amber’s parenting skills.

And while Jessica, this week’s HOH (head of household), had to use her friend/alliance member, Dustin, to replace Danielle, Dustin and the rest of the team are convinced that Dick is going home this week.

But perhaps the group is being slightly optimistic. After all, it’s very possible that Dustin will go home this week and Dick will stay in the house.

Don’t believe me? Here’s why:

All Danielle has to do is convince Zach and Jen to vote Dustin out. Eric, ‘America’s Player,’ has to vote out the person America wants gone.

So if America chooses Dustin – the same person we wanted to get nominated earlier this week – then there’s a good chance that Dustin will be leaving the house this week.

Perhaps Dustin shouldn’t have been so eager to sit on the chopping block.

Will Dick go home or will he be able to turn the tables and crack the other alliance?

This should make for an interesting episode on Thursday.

If you have the live feed and want to share any insight into this theory or others, please leave your comments.

There’s nothing better than BB gossip.

Published Wednesday, August 15, 2007 9:48 AM by AngelaA
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Donna said:

Dick must stay, I love his personality so outspoken, says his mind. To bad if the yougsters don't like it they will learn!

August 16, 2007 8:01 AM

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