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  • X-Factor Judges Wowed by Chris Rene Young Homie Performance (WATCH)!

    Last night was the premiere of Simon Cowell’s X-Factor USA and, while the show’s ratings were less-than-impressive, one man made the show worth watching.

    Chris Rene is a 28-year-old recovering addict with a two and a half year old son. He had been clean for 70 days and is hoping to turn his life around for his family.

    When he told the X-Factor judges – which included Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and LA Reid – that he would performing his own song Young Homie, they looked like they had given up hope for the audition.

    A few notes into the song (which Rene wrote the music and lyrics for) everything changed.

    The song is amazing. Inspiring.

    Simon and LA agreed that they would let Chris advance to the next round if he promised to stay clean.

    He agreed.

    Take a look at the inspirational audition below:

    Do you think Chris will win X-Factor USA?

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  • Emmy Awards 2011 Best Dressed of the Night: Sofia Vergara!

    Sofia Vergage Emmys 2011The 2011 annual Primetime Emmy Awards took place on Sunday night and we have all the details of the best dressed women on the red carpet - including who took home ThinkFashion's award for best-dressed of the night.

    There's no doubt that red was a big trend at this year's event. The ladies didn't seem too worried about blending in with the red carpet and they proved that a well-designed gown can stand out even against a carpet of the same color. Some of the hottest red dresses of the night were worn by Kate Winslet, Giulana Rancic, Sarah Hyland, Nina Dobrev, Lea Michele and - our personal favorite of the night - Sofia Vergara.

    The Modern Family star was the epitome of modern in this single-shoulder fiery red gown with matching lipstick. The gorgeous brunette beauty paired the stunning number with gold accessories including a large gold bangle and intricate chandelier earrings.

    Sofia wins our award for best dressed of the night - hands down!

    Do you agree with our pick for best dressed this year - or do you think there was another leading lady deserving of taking home gold instead?

  • Who Won Big Brother 13: Rachel Did But Did She Deserve It?

    Rachel Big Brother 13The dramatic season of Big Brother 13 has come to a close and we can officially reveal to you the winner of the 2011 summer season!

    Who Won Big Brother 13?

    For those of you who missed the entertainment-filled, 90-minute finale special last night, we have the quick recap for you here.

    The first part of the HOH competition was won by Rachel. Porsche and Adam went head-to-head in part two and Porsche won. Rachel and Porsche made a deal to go to the final two regardless of who won HOH.

    Rachel and Porsche competed in the final leg of the HOH competition and Rachel won. She held up her end of the deal and took Porsche to the final two.

    The jury members voted for who they thought should win and here's how everyone voted:

    Brendan: Rachel

    Daniele: Porsche

    Jeff: Rachel

    Shelly: Rachel

    Kalia: Porsche

    Jordan: Rachel

    Adam: Porsche

    Basically, Rachel won by 1 vote.

    Personally, I'm surprised by Adam's vote for Porsche. I'm also a little suprised by Shelly's vote for Rachel.

    Overall, Rachel deserved to win this season.

    Do you think the right person walked away with the half million dollars?

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  • Ryan Gosling Dating Eva Mendes!

    Ryan and EvaNeed another reason to be jealous of Eva Mendes?

    She's dating Ryan Gosling, According to PEOPLE.com the pair was spotted holding hands at Disneyland over the weekend. "They looked relaxed and seemed to be having a fun time together. Like a dating couple, they always walked very closely, holding hands and their arms touching side-by-side," a source said of Ryan and Eva, who just finished shooting the upcoming movie The Place Beyond the Pines.

    Onlookers say they ate pink cotton candy and popcorn before riding Ariel's Undersea Adventure ride and the 4D Toy Story Mania ride before catching the World of Color Spectacular water show. They were also spotted holding hands again at Tomorrowland. "Ryan seemed to pay a lot of attention to her," the insider added. "He would glance over and look her in the face as they walked through the crowds making sure she was okay."

    Another source dished: "Ryan and Eva have spent a lot of time together on set. They have great chemistry and seem to enjoy filming together. They seem to be good friends and always laugh together."

    Ryan, 30, seems to take all his dates to Disneyland; he took Blake Lively there earlier this year. Meanwhile, Eva, 37, was rumored to go on a few dates with Horrible Bosses star Jason Sudeikis recently.

    Gahhh, I have to admit that Ryan and Eva look cute together. But I want to go on Thunder Mountain with Ryan!

  • Bachelor Pad 2 Spoilers Final Four Revealed: Find Out Now!

    Michelle and GrahamBachelor Pad 2 fans are incredibly excited for next week's finale and we have all the details you need to know before the episode airs.

    After watching last night's episode, many viewers are wondering who makes it the furthest this year. While we can't tell you the winner because the finale is airing live, we can reveal which two couples will make it to the live finale and compete against each other for the $250,000 prize.

    Bachelor Pad 2 Final Four

    Warning: Spoilers ahead. If you don't want to know inside details of the finale, do not read any further!

    Your final four contestants (or final two couples, depending on how you look at it) this season are Michella and Graham and Michael and Holly.

    As for Ella and Kirk and Vienna and Kasey, the four of them will be eliminated before the live finale (first Ella and Kirk and then Vienna and Kasey). I'm sure Ella and Kirk's exit will be incredibly dramatic and heartbreaking to watch for many viewers wishing they would win.

    Now that you know the final four contestants, who do you think will take home the cash prize this year?

    Our thoughts: $150,000 each for Michelle and Graham!

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  • Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Shelly May Have Saved Herself!

    Shelly Big Brother 13Yesterday, it seemed crystal clear that Big Brother 13 fans who wanted to see Shelly go home tomorrow night would get their wish but she's been working hard to save herself from eviction - and she may have just pulled it off.

    It's difficult to know whether Rachel is playing Shelly like she played Daniele last week before evicting her but if what we're seeing on the BB live feeds is true, Rachel has just promised Shelly that she'd take her to the final 3.

    Rachel did make a point to say that, when it came down to the final 3, she would vote Shelly off and keep Jordan and Shelly said she was fine with that. She insists she's playing for third place (which obviously isn't true) and that she's just trying to make sure that Porsche and Kalia don't win.

    Shelly really knows how to get to Rachel so she told her that Adam said that the veterans don't deserve to be in the house and that he wants a newbie to win. This makes Rachel carefully consider keeping Shelly over Adam this week.

    One thing's for sure: Jordan is lucky that there are so many people playing for her in this game. The girl can't win a competition to save her life and the last thing I want to see is that girl in the final two again. She just coasts through the whole game, complaining that others are floaters.

    Here's something to think about Jordan: Everytime you say you don't want to see a floater win, you should probably realize that you are one and that you don't deserve another $500,000 for sitting on your ass for an entire summer.

    Just saying.

    Do you think Shelly will go home tomorrow night? And do you think Jordan deserves to win another half million dollars?

  • Bachelor Pad 2 Michael and Holly: Are they Together Now or Broken Up?

    Michael and HollyBachelor Pad 2 fans are undboubtedly curious about the relationship status of Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst. The two contestants came into the competition having just broke off their engagement and were not romantically tied at all. However, over the first few episodes, it seemed as though Michael and Holly rekindled their romance and were back on the path to finding love. Until last night, that is.

    Last night, Michael's heart was shattered after Blake asked Holly out on a romantic date. Blake and Holly spent the whole night together while Michael sat at the house crushed that the girl he loves was out with someone else. When Holly came back, Michael asked her if she kissed Blake and she said yes. Then he got really upset and started crying and asked her how she could do this to him.

    Not long after that (and after many moments of Holly telling the cameras just how much fun she had with Blake) Holly and Michael had a quiet date on a blanket outside the house. They kissed. He told her how much he loved her and, at that moment, it seemed like they were back together. Flash forward to the present (this week) when Reality Steve reveals that Blake and Holly are still dating. Guess things didn't work out between her and Michael.

    It's very clear that Holly is playing both sides here. She acts like she's with Michael when she's really with Blake.

    I feel bad for Michael :(

    Do you think what Holly is doing to Michael is fair?

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  • Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Daniele and Jeff Gone, New HOH Crowned!

    Daniele and JeffBig Brother 13 fans rode quite the rollercoaster ride yesterday with 2 evictions, a nomination ceremony and POV competition. If you think that's a lot, the houseguests endured another HOH competition after the live cameras stopped rolling as well.

    Two of the biggest players this season were eliminated last night: Jeff and Daniele and fans seem to have mixed reactions over the news. But enough with the old news, let's get to the new stuff.

    Fans who are subscribed to the Big Brother live feeds already know who won the super important HOH competition last night - and we have the news to deliver to you as well. We're about to reveal a huge spoiler from Sunday night's episode so if you don't want to know what happens, stop reading now.

    Who Won HOH this week?

    The houseguests had the chance to practice the new HOH competition before they actually began and it was clear from the live feeds that Porsche was the best out of all of the contestants. But could she pull through for her first HOH win or did she choke under pressure? Well, I'm happy to let you know that Porsche won and is currently serving as the new HOH!

    Who Will Be Nominated this Week?

    As of right it looks as though Rachel and Adam will be going up on the block. If one of them wins POV, Jordan will be put up in their place.

    Exciting stuff!

    What do you think of Jeff and Daniele's eviction - and Porsche's HOH win?

  • Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Why Daniele Will be Evicted Tonight!

    Daniele and Rachel BB 13Big Brother 13 fans are counting down the hours until tonight's super exciting, double eviction episode and the stage could not be set more perfectly for a drama-filled evening.

    By the looks of the Big Brother live feeds, Daniele will inevitably be evicted tonight but it's not unrealistic to think that Jeff might be following right behind her.

    Remember, the houseguests aren't aware that tonight is a double-eviction so they think they're at least safe for another week after tonight. And while the fate of Daniele (at least according to the BB live feeds) seems to be sealed, subscribers are saying that Porsche is really good at the next HOH competition (they allowed the houseguests to practice beforehand).

    If Porsche wins, chances are she will put up Jeff and either Rachel or Adam. Jordan and Rachel will vote to keep Jeff but Shelly and Kalia will vote to evict him, resulting in a tie where Porsche gets to choose. At that point, she would choose Jeff and he would be evicted!

    At this point, that's the best case scenario. If Dani has to go, let's hope Jeff, Jordan or Rachel follows!

    WHo do you think will be the two houseguests evicted tonight?

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  • Bachelor Pad 2 Spoilers: Who Went Home Jake or Kasey?

    Jake and ViennaThere was a lot of drama in the Bachelor Pad mansion this week and last night's episode definitely left fans wanting more. Many of you obviously realized that the end of the show was cut off abruptly, leaving fans to question whether Kasey was being sent home or Jake. Well, we can exclusivel reveal who was voted off, for those of you who want to know.

    Warning Spoiler Ahead!

    Chris Harrison Tweeted late last night that fans would get to see what happened after he called Kasey's name at last night's ceremony. Did Jake freak out? Did Vienna cause a scene? Did Kasey even get a rose? Well, I can't speak to the reactions of the houseguests but I can tell you that it was, indeed, Jake who was sent home last night. There's no question about it. Chris Harrison even wrote a blog for Ew.com today where he reveals that "Jake is gone."

    Jake's exit is undoubtedly going to leave some people (namely Erica Rose) upset but will also be a relief for others (Vienna).

    Personally, I would have rather seen Vienna or Kasey go home. Actually, personally I would have rather seen Kasey go home so that Vienna would have to sit and be miserable in a house with someone she despises. Now that sounds like good TV!

    What do you think of Jake's elimination this week?

  • Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds Dating: New Pics Spark Rumors!

    Sandra Bullock Ryan ReynoldsFans of the hit movie The Proposal will agree that Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds seem like a match made in movie heaven. They're both incredibly talented and their chemistry on-screen is captivating for viewers. But does that chemistry extend off-screen when the cameras stop rolling? There's a great possibility it does!

    Despite their adamant denial that they are anything but friends, it's become very clear that Sandra and Ryan have become very close over the years - especially in the past few months after Ryan's split from Scarlett Johansson. In fact, the two are so close that Ryan has not only met Bullock's adopted son Louis but he hangs out with them on a regular basis.

    Photos of Sandra, Ryan and Louis on a private hiking trip this weekend surfaced online (via TMZ.com) and have only fueled the rumors that this dynamic duo is, in fact, dating.

    Just friends? Please, we've heard that a million times before.

    Do you think that Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are more than just friends?

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  • Bachelor Pad 2 Stars Ames Brown and Jackie Gordon in Love!

    It might be one of the most romantic moves EVER on any Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad related show but it was 100 percent genuine when Ames Brown left the show last night to pursue love with Jackie Gordon.

    When it was announced that Jackie was being sent home last night, it was obvious that Ames was torn about whether to stay on the show. He walked her to the limo like a true gentleman, gave her a kiss and sent her on her way. Or at least that's what we thought.  Once the limo started to pull away and Ames started walking back to the houseguests, he quickly had a change of heart.

    With a big smile on his face, Ames waved to his friends, turned around and started running back to the limo to catch up with Jackie.

    While many will question whether Ames made the right decision giving up a chance to win $250,000 for love, those of us true romantics know he made the right call. After all, it's being reported today that Ames and Jackie are still together and very much in love, despite no word from either on their Twitter accounts.

    Do you think Ames made the right decision leaving the show to be with Jackie?

    Check out the video below:

  • Most Hated Person in America | Top 5 Hated People in America

    Casey Anthony - Most hated person in America

    A recent poll conducted by California-based E-Poll Market Research has concluded that the number one most hated person in America today is Casey Anthony.  Anthony is the Florida woman who was acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. The trial became a media circus and bared resemblance to the O.J Simpson trial in the 1990’s.

    Spencer Pratt - 2nd most hated person in America

    But Casey Anthony is not alone on this list; apparently America isn’t in love with a few other folks too.  Also appearing in the top five at number 2, is weirdo Spencer Pratt, who is married to fame-whore Heidi Montague – who surprisingly didn’t make the top 5.

    Nadya Suleman - Octomom - 3rd most hated person in America

    Number 3 on the list of most hated Americans is Nadya Suleman, AKA Octomom.  With 14 kids, most Americans just think she’s a lunatic, but this survey would suggest otherwise

    O.J Simpson - 4th most hated person in America

    Making it into the number 4 spot is a man who may have been at the number one spot in the past – none other than MR. O.J Simpson. Currently, the Juice is behind bars for crimes that had nothing to do with his infamous murder trial.

    Jon Gosselin - 5th most hated person in America

    Rounding out the list at number 5 is Jon Gosselin. The father of 8 and former husband of monster-mom Kate Gosselin, is also not as popular as he

    thinks he is. It’s harder to see why people don’t like john when all he’s really done was marry a psycho and have too many kids.

    Do you think these 5 people are worthy of being on the top five most hated Americans? Who do you think should make the list instead?

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  • Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ben Flajnik Dating!

    Jennifer Love Hewitt Ben FWow, we didn't see this coming.!

    Well-known actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and Bachelorette 2011 finalist Ben Flajnik (more commonly known as Ben F) met for a date and seem to have really hit things off. The former Party of Five star was a big fan of Ben on the Bachelorette and, when Ashley Hebert sent him home brokenhearted on the season finale, Jennifer extended a virtual rose (via Twitter) for him to accept.

    Jen then went on a Twitter rampage asking her followers to help get Ben F to follow her and, when he did, they immediately starting making plans for JLH to fly to Sonoma so they could meet face to face.

    According to Reality Steve, the two met up at Lion's Pub in Pacific Heights and sparks flew immediately. While Ben is trying to play coy about the situation, Reality Steve is one hundred percent positive the meeting took place:

    “Now, Ben can deny it all he wants, and make jokes about it on Twitter, but it happened. He knows it, I know it, and the people who were hanging out with them at Lion’s Pub in Pacific Heights know it.”

    This is most definitely a random connection but, I have to say, I kind of like them together.

    Besides, I don't want to see him as the next Bachelor so, really, as long as hooks up with someone before ABC casts their next lead, I'll be happy.

    Do you think Ben and Jen make a cute couple?

  • Bachelor Pad 2 Spoilers: Final Four Revealed, Who Will Win?

    Michelle MoneyFans of ABC's original Bachelor Pad are going to be thrilled that another installment of the hit show has kicked off and there's already lots to talk about.

    For those of you who haven't watched the show before, the concept is fairly simple. Former bachelor and bachelorettes from previous seasons of the shows all reunite (or meet for the first time) under one roof to compete for $250,000. Each week, the guys will vote off one girl and the girls will vote off one guy. Once there are a certain number of contestants left (usually around 10), the players will begin competing as pairs and two pairs will make it to the live finale in September.

    So what happens this season (warning: spoilers ahead)?

    Most of the drama in the house right now is surrounding Jake Pavelka and his former fiance Vienna Girardi. They had a tumultuous break up and neither are thrilled to be on the show together (although she's a little more pissed off than he is). Needless to say, neither of them will win this season. Vienna makes it further than Jake but she is eliminated before the final four.

    So who makes the final four this season?

    You may or may not be shocked to learn that the two couples competing in the live finale in September are Michelle Money and Graham Bunn and Michael Stagliano and his former fiance Holly Durst.

    There will undoubtedly be lots of drama this season (you should have seen the previews at the end of Monday night's premiere) and many agree that this season promises to be way better than the last.

    With that said, who would you like to see take home the quarter of a million dollar prize?

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