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Celine Designer Profile

The Evolution of Celine

The Celine label was launched in 1945 by French designer Celine Viplana. Originally, this label was a "made-to-measure" children’s footwear company but over the years, the company evolved into a woman’s footwear company which is extremely popular in many parts of the world. Shortly after the launch of their women’s shoe line, Celine released a line of accessories which has grown to include handbags, sunglasses, ties and more.

Continuing the growth of the company, Celine introduced its first ready-to-wear line in the 1960’s. Combined with the already established popularity of the footwear and accessory lines, Celine’s ready-to-wear line was the finishing touch in the designer collection. Since the release of the clothing line, the label has continued to soar and is currently one of the most popular designer brands in the fashion industry.

Celine’s Signature Style

Celine’s signature style is often described as a cross between sexy-sporty and cute-flirty. Feminine skirts, body-hugging shirts and charming accessories make this line a perfect fit for girl next door personalities who prefer to look cute as opposed to trashy. These high end, luxury sports designs offer a chic, uptown girl image for those of you looking to hit the town in a flattering (but highly appropriate) outfit. You won’t find any ripped, frayed, or torn provocative pieces in this collection.

Some of these cutting-edge designs have been worn by famous celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie (ironically, they have the same taste in clothes…and men!). Celine’s designs are chosen by professional women looking to create positive images for themselves through the clothing they choose to wear. The popularity of this designer clothing label is expected to rise in the years to come.

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